The Edison Union

What is the Edison Union?

The Edison Union is a creative technology collective. We create unforgettable experiences with technology at their core.

What do we specialise in?

We are not a traditional digital agency or production house — we are conceptual thinkers, technologists, and problem solvers. Some of our past and present projects include:

  • Data jewellery
  • Data visualisation & sonification
  • Electronic prototyping
  • Generative art
  • Interactive windows & installations
  • Light installations
  • Projection mapping
Catmull-Clark3D Model
VivienneSound visualisation
Fault TraceData sonification
Hemesh GUISoftware
Silicon BlockLive Audio Visualisation
RingData Jewellery
Radiation OrchestraInstallation
GenesisData visualisation
Drone Strike CuffData Jewellery
StructsGenerative Art
Concerto AutomataGenerative Music
Air PianoInstallation

Our Philosophy

We love technology, but we believe it should always come second to the idea. We are creatives first, engineers second.

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